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Orange CA workers comp fraud If you are in business long enough, workers’ compensation claims are eventually going to affect your company. It is not uncommon for companies to pay workers’ compensation claims that seem questionable, simply due to a lack of resources or even awareness that the claim can be fought.

Workers compensation investigations for your business

Fortunately, you don’t have to let fishy workers’ comp claims get the best of you. At Systematic Inquiry Group, our Orange County workers’ comp investigators research claims to be sure that you are only paying compensation for truly injured workers. Our highly skilled investigators use proven methods to investigate and catch fraudulent claims, as well as gathering evidence that will help you prevail in court or reach a settlement for restitution from the perpetrator.

Security consulting to prevent fraud

In addition to investigating claims, we can also train your supervisory staff on the telltale clues of compensation fraud, so you will know what to watch for and potentially cut off fake claims. We will help you to know when you need to call in our team to investigate further. The sooner you are able to identify fraud, the less money you will improperly pay out and the less your compensation premiums will increase.

Auditing and surveillance investigations

Workers’ compensation fraud is a widespread problem for California businesses, so you need to protect your company from employees who want to take advantage of the system. Our experienced Orange County private investigators can conduct video, audio, and undercover surveillance to determine if there is a real injury and if it is as serious as claimed by your employee. From checking social media accounts for incriminating photos to interviewing coworkers and friends, if the alleged injury is fake, we’ll find out. We can also conduct legal record searches to determine if the worker has a history of filing fraudulent workers comp claims or other fraudulent or frivolous claims.

Of course, there’s no defense like a good offense, so be sure to ask us how we can help you reduce your company’s risk of internal theft and fraud by conducting pre-employment investigations and background checks. Call us today at 714-406-4618 to discuss our business investigation and security services and let us help you beat fraud in your business.

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