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When you own a rrestaurant security retainerestaurant, keeping your employees and customers safe and protecting your assets and equipment is crucial. Otherwise, your restaurant can end up losing a considerable amount of money and business. From employee theft to workers comp claims, it’s important to have reliable restaurant security in place.

Restaurant Security Issues

If your Orange County restaurant is in business for any length of time, security issues are sure to crop up eventually, from outside threats like burglary to employee theft.

In addition to stealing by customers or employees, your restaurant can run into other types of security problems. These include incidents that result in employees being hurt on the job or incidents involving harassment or discrimination. These types of risks can affect the reputation of your restaurant and have a negative impact on business. Fortunately if you suspect a case of workers compensation fraud or need to get to the bottom of harassment allegations, our private investigation services can help.

Security Solutions

You can take steps to prevent restaurant security risks, as well as measures to effectively handle any security problems that occur. With our Corporate Security Retainer program, we can handle all of your security issues. This saves you time and money and helps ensure that your workers and customers stay safe. This type of program can also reduce the risk of losing money or equipment and supplies that are costly to replace. The security measures included in this program provide your restaurant with resources to prevent and investigate theft, fraudulent workers compensation claims and lawsuits resulting from civil matters, which offers peace of mind and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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