Restaurant Loss Prevention Starts with You

Orange County restaurant security programAs a restaurant owner or manager, our title may surprise or even annoy you. How can restaurant loss prevention start with you when it’s the employees who are in a position to steal or waste food? Well, the answer is simple- food loss prevention starts at the top- with company policies and company culture. Read on for some tips for preventing restaurant food loss from our Orange County private investigation firm, which specializes in restaurant security and employee theft prevention.

Preventing restaurant loss with policy

No business is ever 100% safe from employee theft or careless food waste, but you can certainly put your restaurants on the right track with good policies working in tandem with your security systems. If you have video surveillance, inventory tracking software, and other technology-based security measures, it’s important that your employees know how these will affect their jobs, what’s expected of them in regard to new or existing systems, and what you’ll be looking at to determine compliance (and thus assessing job performance).

Clear communication of company policy is important because it can prevent “accidental” theft (like employee discount/free food “misunderstandings”) as well as helping honest employees to be more efficient and waste less inventory.

Company culture and loss prevention

The other way that you can impact food waste and theft in your restaurant from the top down is by creating a strong company culture. Prosecuting employee theft shows employees that you mean business. This not only keeps more opportunistic thieves from trying anything by showing that it’s not worth the risk, but also signals to good, honest employees that their behavior is worth something.

At Systematic Inquiry Group, we can help your restaurant cut back on both unintentional food waste and loss due to intentional theft through our Food Cost Program. We take the time to understand the issues facing your restaurant, meet with employees together and one-on-one, and report back to you with the problems we identify and recommendations on how to address them. To learn more about our security services for Orange County restaurants, call us today at 714-406-4618.

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