Irvine Private Investigations

When it comes to Irvine private investigations, Systematic Inquiry Group is the best choice for your business. With decades of intensive experience in corporate investigations, including extensive knowledge of the unique security challenges facing the restaurant industry, we offer comprehensive service to help you protect your company, from prevention to prosecution.

Our security and private investigation services for Irvine businesses include:

  • Electronic and undercover surveillance
  • Background checks
  • Skip tracing
  • Asset searches
  • Interrogations (including obtaining written confession)
  • Obtaining restitution
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Security consulting
  • Loss prevention training (including food loss prevention for restaurants)

In today’s business world, it’s an unfortunate but realistic fact that your business will probably be victimized by an employee sooner or later. Our Irvine corporate investigation services can help you solve a variety of internal theft and fraud issues, including:

  • Workers’ compensation fraud
  • Employee drug use
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination cases
  • Employee theft
  • Premise liability
  • Fraud and embezzlement
  • Food loss
  • Workplace violence or abuse
  • And more

Many business owners are surprised to discover that obtaining justice isn’t always as easy as just calling the police. The more prepared you are, the better your outcome will be. Our Irvine private investigation team gathers the evidence you need to make a compelling case against the perpetrator, from high tech electronic surveillance to good-old-fashioned undercover detective work. In some cases, we may be able to obtain a written confession. We can then act as a liaison with law enforcement if you choose to press charges, even acting as an expert witness at trial. In other cases, your best option may be to simply obtain restitution from the culprit by reaching a private settlement out of court. Either way, we give you the leverage and guidance you need to pursue the best course of action.

If you have been the victim of a crime, call us today at 714-953-5023. If not, don’t wait- consider how you can minimize your risks. Visit our services to explore our preventative security options for your Irvine, California business!

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