Corporate Security Retainer

Systematic Inquiry Group offers a Corporate Security Retainer program. This program is targeted to restaurants that want to maintain profits, prevent employee theft and take a proactive stance against theft by having an independent, professional industry expert at their disposal.

The Corporate Security Retainer program provides IMMEDIATE professional advice at the local management level. This program is equivalent to having a security department available within 24 hours.


  • Relieve management from security issues
  • Provide immediate access to an experienced investigator for problem solving
  • Pinpoint problem issues
  • Provide proactive information to avoid potential trouble
  • Provide honest information from an unbiased viewpoint
  • Effective administration of prosecutions
  • Investigative administration of Worker’s Compensation claims


  • 24 hours crisis response team
  • Monitor each unit’s food cost
  • Annual Food Cost meeting
  • Security and investigative consultants available within 24 hours
  • Expert review and investigate administration of Worker’s Compensation claims
  • Monitor revenue procedures
  • Advise and/or write security procedure
  • Set up systematic control and monitoring of unit access controls
  • Communicate and advise appropriate personnel of security issues/risks
  • Monitor losses and identify areas of risk
  • Assist in investigating civil matters such as sexual harassment, discrimination and premise liability cases
  • Act as court liaison
  • Audit current CCTV videotape and alarm in and out logs
  • Provide monthly unit level reminders and suggestions to deter theft and fraud
  • Reduced rates on any other Systematic Inquiry Group Services

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