Anaheim Private Investigations

Anaheim private investigatorSystematic Inquiry Group is an Orange County investigation firm specializing in corporate security, surveillance, loss prevention, employee theft investigation, and security consulting. Led by licensed private investigator Michael Wojtanowicz, J.D., we assist restaurants, businesses, and law firms by obtaining the information and evidence you need.

Private investigation services in Anaheim, California

If you are an Anaheim business owner looking for answers, we can help. How would you like the perpetrator to pay our bill? In addition to surveillance and investigation, we are often able to obtain restitution from the criminal individual. The cases we handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee theft, fraud, and embezzlement
  • Workers’ comp fraud
  • Sexual harassment investigations
  • Background checks and interviews
  • Employee drug use

Anaheim theft and loss prevention

We also offer a number of services to help prevent theft, such as consulting on the creation and implementation of security policies, installing surveillance equipment, auditing existing policies and security, and administering our Food Cost Program which is specially-designed to help restaurants prevent food loss and internal theft.

Information and evidence gathering to build your case

If you hope to succeed in your legal case, you need hard evidence and expert testimony. At our Anaheim private investigation company, we are experienced in criminal prosecution and know how to get you exactly what you need to make your case, in addition to serving subpoenas and acting as a liaison with law enforcement.

To discuss your Orange County security needs, contact us today using our online form or call us at 714-953-5023.



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