3 Ways to Prevent Business Burglaries

Inland Empire business securityThere are many joys to owning a business, but unfortunately security is not usually one of them. As a business owner, you must always keep your guard up to prevent theft, burglary, and other crimes from both outside and inside your business.

At Systematic Inquiry Group, our team of security experts and private investigators can advise you on the best ways to protect your Orange County business, as well as helping you investigate and address any crimes that do occur. Call 714-406-4618 to discuss your business investigation and security needs, and read on for some burglary prevention tips for businesses.

  • Install a surveillance system. You should have operational surveillance cameras both outside and inside your business. The mere presence of cameras is enough to discourage many burglars and employee thieves, but just having cameras is not enough. (You’d be surprised how many business owners have non-operational cameras.) It’s important to keep your surveillance system in good working order so that you have recorded proof on hand in case a burglary or other crime happens.
  • Give your employees better security training. Teach your staff warning signs to look for (strange behavior, loitering, etc.) and even more importantly, what to do if they notice something off. You should have a clear set of protocols an employee should follow if they see something suspicious, if they catch another employee stealing, or if the business is being burgled or robbed.
  • Add more and better lighting. Installing bright security lights around all areas of your business makes you a less attractive target to burglars, who typically go after easy targets that won’t draw attention. Today there are lots of great options in motion-activated security lighting, allowing you to save energy while protecting your business.

Want to learn more ways to protect your business from burglary, internal theft, fraud, and other threats? Let Systematic Inquiry Group assist you with security services to fit your business.

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