3 Tips for Holiday Loss Prevention

Orange County loss preventionWith Black Friday- the unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season- just days away, retailers are gearing up for their busiest time of year. Many retailers and restaurants are employing seasonal workers during this time to meet heightened demand. Between the new (and often temporary) employees and higher volume of customers, it’s easy for the holiday shopping rush to turn into a security nightmare.

Now is a great time to refresh your knowledge of loss prevention with these tips- and don’t hesitate to call Systematic Inquiry Group for all of your security needs, from Monthly Security Assurance to employee theft and fraud investigations in Orange County and the Inland Empire.

Perform regular register checks

Checking the register at different times throughout the day will not only help you catch shortages, but also overages. What many business owners don’t realize is that overages may not be a simple mistake, but rather an indication that an employee is overcharging customers and building a reserve of cash throughout their shift, which they will then remove at the end of the day, leaving the register with the correct amount. Track overages and shortages in the register and, if you suspect an employee of stealing, it’s time to call us for advice on monitoring and surveillance to catch the suspect in the act.

Engage with customers

Employee theft is a major concern for retailers, especially at the holidays, but it’s also important to watch out for external security threats like shoplifting. One of the best ways to combat this huge source of loss for retailers is to encourage your employees to simply be friendly.

It may seem hard to believe, but a simple “hello” can discourage a shoplifter from developing sticky fingers in your store. And it shouldn’t stop with a greeting; instruct your employees to check in regularly with all shoppers, asking if they need help, if they’re finding everything OK, if they need a different size, color, etc. Attentive service is simply good hospitality, but will also give potential shoplifters the message that your store is not an easy mark.

Use surveillance

Having a video surveillance system in place is an important deterrent for both employee theft and shoplifting. Not only will it help you catch the thief if a theft does occur, but it also discourages crime. Let employees know that you have a surveillance system in place for their protection (they’ll be more likely to follow company policies and security procedures if they know they’re on camera), and install a monitor at the entrance to let visitors know they are being watched.

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